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Post  Janken on Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:15 pm

Hello everyone,

It is time for Yoroshiku! Project to have some rules.
This rules are not created to kill the fun but to make the project funner to everyone Smile
It´s very important for everyone to read this.


.::Deadlines and Turn in Lines::.

1. You have to turn in your lines ON TIME!!! If you need an extension please ask for it. Extension will be of a week and if you still need another extension, just ask for it (maximum 5 days.) If you don´t turn in your lines in that period you will be replaced with a fellow egg member.
2. When you don´t turn in your lines in time 3 times, you will get kicked out of the project >.<

.::Auditioning into Y!P::.

1. All auditions to enter to Yoroshiku! Project or any of it´s units whould be atleast 1 min. long!
2. No groupdubs are allowed for auditioning to Yoroshiku! Project. Instead, please post a solo audition. If you are auditioning for mixer, groupdubs are allowed ONLY IF YOU MIXED AND IT´D YOUR OWN MATERIAL!!!

.::Member´s Projects Under Y!P::.

1. All members can organize their own works under Yoroshiku! Project. Audition members, create their own dubbing groups, etc. Just read the following rules to do it correctly.
2. You can only audition people that are already in the project or thata are atleast registered into the forum. If you want to audition other people by using youtube, just tell meand if you write me about what your audition is about, I will make an audition video for you and upload it into youtube Smile
3. USE THE FORUM CORRECTLY!!! By this I mean if you are making an audition, create the topic in auditions. If you want to make a topic about your group, put it under Unit Land. If it will be a special one-shot thing create the topic under Special eleases. Etc.

.::Hiatus and Graduation::.

1. If you are in hiatus or will be you have to advice first in the topic in this same forum called ``Hiatus´´ you can´t just dissapear from earth just like that XD
2. If you are planning to graduate just pm me, and if you are an active member, you will get a graduation single.

.::Human Rights::.

1. I think you all know what this is about, PLEASE REPECT PEOPLE!!! You have to respect people in the forum, in the youtube channel, in the group, EVERYWHERE! If you are mean with someone you will be instantly kicked out!

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