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Seishun! LOVE Lunch Empty Seishun! LOVE Lunch

Post  Janken on Wed Aug 26, 2009 3:46 pm

The first Egg Shinjin Koen release is out cheers
I liked it alot! Everyone sounded so cute Embarassed
Keep with the good job eggs! Very Happy
Next shinjin koen will be School Days by Guardians 4,
If you want to participate sign up now! sunny


*Risa Niigaki- Riixan (Egg)

*Aika Mitsui- lamejordelacuesta (Egg)

*Saki Nakajima- ouranhostphan1018 (Egg)

*Chisato Okai- StarMichiyo (Egg)

Audio Mix: Jankenpyon94
Video Mix: Jankenpyon94


Track 1:


Track 1: download.php?jzoyihw2knk

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